Great American Dine In is a food blog that emphasizes three things:

  • the slow food movement
  • eating healthy foods at home
  • the benefits of meal delivery kits

The Slow Food Movement

The slow food movement started in 1986 in Italy. Carlo Petrini and a group of activists founded this campaign as a reaction to the opening of a McDonald’s franchise near the Spanish Steps in Rome. Slow food is directly the opposite of fast food. The idea of slow food is that food should be a pleasure to eat. It should also be clean and environmentally responsible in how it is made and brought to your table. Those who do the work behind the scenes should receive fair compensation as well.

Eating Healthy Foods at Home

Another focus of Great American Dine In is eating healthy foods at home. Of course, the most obvious benefit is getting to spend time around a good, home-cooked meal with your loved ones. But, there are also the added benefits of getting delicious food at a reasonable price and learning the culinary art of cooking your food. Did you know you can eat quality, delicious food at home for much cheaper than you can with the same type of meals at a restaurant, generally speaking? Even if you buy only the freshest ingredients to make sure you have top quality food, you will still most likely find that eating at home is cheaper than eating out. 

Benefits of Meal Delivery Kits

Great American Dine In also focuses on the benefits of using meal delivery kits. To be sure, you can easily see the benefits of meal delivery kits. First, they are super convenient. How much better can you get than having all the ingredients delivered right to your front door? Then, if you have special dietary needs, you can find a meal delivery kit that can cater to that need. On top of that, it can help you practice portion control. Only the proper portions that you order will be delivered, making it easier only to eat the right amounts of food.


Slow food, healthy food at home, and beneficial meal delivery kits are at the core of what Great American Dine In is all about. Enjoy happy, healthy eating!